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What Is Blue Lotus

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Blue Lotus, botanically named Nymphaea caerulea, referred to as Egyptian Water Lily and Sacred Lotus is an enthobotanical flower that, in my opinion, doesn’t get discussed as often as it should. It’s a  wonderful flower classified as a sedative and has so many wonderful and beneficial effects.

Blue lotus is worth trying just for the list of positive effects this shit has; relaxation, sedation, sleep induction, mild decrease in physical and emotional pain, vivid, prophetic dreams and an aphrodisiac. It’s been compared to the calming, mellowed out effects of marijuana and the ease and contentment of drugs like Xanax.  I’m comparing the two to illustrate an idea of the effects. If blue lotus was as intense as a Xanax/weed  high, it be illegal. It’s like a waaaay mellowed out version of the combination of these two together.

The reason this flower has this effect is because of  2 alkaloids in the plant called Nuciferine and Aporphine; dopamine antagonists. Both of these alkaloids create states of mind alteration and mood enhancement.  The effects usually  last for about 4-5 hours. Theres an “after-glow”  of an optimistic, upbeat, calm air reported to last as long as 5 days.

There are a ton a recipes for consuming blue lotus, but the 4 primary methods of consumption are as a tincture, soaking the flower in wine, steeping in tea, or smoking by itself or with a complimentary herb.

Blue Lotus originated in the Nile Delta and has been transported to other areas of Africa, Thailand and Malaysia where it now grows wild, and is legally available world wide.

If you’re looking for great quality blue lotus that is a good price, check out These Guys.  Enjoy your experience. Share your blue lotus experiences in the comments below.




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